The Five Unnecessaries - Book 1 of the 27th Protector Series

EVERY BREATH IS TREASON – In the Republic, any child with a flaw is hunted down as an enemy of the state. Pregnancy is illegal. Aislyn is assigned as a Protector to save them, even as she struggles to stay alive.

HER TRAINER HAS A SECRET – He’s in anger or pain, but he’s the only one who can help her save the innocent lives in danger.
SHE’S NOT READY compared to the other girls who have trained for years. But those Protectors only see numbers, trying to impress others with the lives they save. She is determined to be different and she’s not scared to break the rules.
SHE IS CAUGHT BY A SENTRY, WHO IS ABOUT TO KILL HER but then he helps her escape.

She doesn’t know who to trust, who to save, or who to love.

RIVETING READ – Book 1 in the 27th Protector Series is a must-read for fans of new fiction and dystopian literature. Be captivated by the dramatic storyline and never put this book down!

Two days had passed since I had been renamed a number. I’d promised that I would try to save a life. But I didn’t know if I could, because my chance to do that was being judged by how effectively I could reach a stupid piece of red tape on the floor.
My knee shook in front of me, crushing under the weight of a one-hundred-pound barbell balancing on my shoulders. If I had enough strength, I’d throw the weight off. Or onto someone. I would have loved to throw the barbell at the person who had been screaming at me for the past two days.
“Move!” Collin yelled, his eyes looking tortured instead of the calm blue I had first seen. He kept repeating it, echoing off the walls in the room.
My knee hit the mat in front of me. The piece of tape was still four feet away, mocking me.
“You are not just doing an exercise.” He dropped his face down into his hands. “Remember why.”
I knew why I was practicing this. It was because the girl behind a dumpster in the Republic right now or the boy cowering in the sewer might not be able to run or walk at a good pace. They could be a lab defect, a botched job because someone thought they could do better than God at splicing DNA together. She would die if I couldn’t carry her.
“You need to keep up the momentum, so all the weight is moving forward with you, not pulling you down. Train your mind with a simple thought: you stop, and you die.”
“So don’t stop?” I asked, still out of breath.
“And don’t die,” a voice called from the archway. I was still looking at Collin, whose irritation was instant.

I was out of breath, staring at the wild trees and the fifty-five-foot-tall climbing wall I would have to tackle soon.
“I know it seems I can be too hard or even angry, but there’s a reason.”
He whispered. “And I should tell you.” He paused, looking conflicted. He opened his mouth to continue.
Even if he had spoken, I would have never heard it.
A blaring alarm filled the air, echoing off the stone, screeching from every direction. I covered my ears, staring up at the speaker a few yards away. The tone of the alarm was unmistakable.
“Is that a drone drill?” I screamed.
The alarm then changed to deep tones that only sounded every three seconds.
“No! The drill wasn’t until next week,” he yelled, as if he were trying to talk himself out of the terror building.
A voice shot from Collin’s watch.
“Missile launched!”
The explosion echoed. He cried out my name again and pulled me down. The ground shook, enough to make me reach out for his shoulder.
Collin’s comm screeched and Liam’s voice shouted, “Drone in Zone 2. If they get you on infrared and target— Where are you?”
Collin squeezed my hand and screamed into my ear. “Follow me. I know the fastest way. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” I said, my body shaking my voice. “Don’t stop.”
He looked back at me, as a challenge. “And don’t die.”
He pulled away and ran. And so did I.
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