The last free voices in the country need to be heard!

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Our Values

We don’t think that the people of America are well represented by our elected officials. We want to learn more and share what we find. But we want our discussion to be based on a set of values that we think we share with the founders of this great nation.
Everywhere you see a hostile social media post or comment, post a link to our page with the following words: CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE? It’s important!” Politely tell people that you’re tired and fed up with screaming. We don’t want to participate in the debate. Instead, let’s join together, and get some things done.


Your great isn’t my great


Is America ready for something different?
Real facts? Real Progress?
Even compromise?

H   listen

And be heard

We plan to change the political landscape of the United States for the better. In order to accomplish this we will need to be heard and respected. True leaders accomplish this with the type of strength that comes from kindness and compassion


The right for everyone to remain alive and to be adequately cared for and respected.

Pursuit of Happiness

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your happiness but we are here to help you pursue it. Our mission is to improve the political landscape of the United States and prevent additional political violence.


The right for every person to go about their life as they please and to be secure in their possessions and privacy. Otherwise known as freedom.

Back at the Beginning

All of this was written down, to start our country with Revolutionary ideas. The Declaration still screams loud the values that we are pursuing!

  REad Me

The declaration of Independance

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