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The Five Unnecessaries - Book 1 of the 27th Protector Series

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In the Republic, any child with a flaw is hunted down as an enemy of the state. Pregnancy is illegal. Aislyn is assigned as a Protector to save them, even as she struggles to stay alive.


  • HER TRAINER HAS A SECRET – He’s in anger or pain, but he’s the only one who can help her save the innocent lives in danger.
  • SHE’S NOT READY compared to the other girls who have trained for years. But those Protectors only see numbers, trying to impress others with the lives they save. She is determined to be different and she’s not scared to break the rules.
  • SHE IS CAUGHT BY A SENTRY, WHO IS ABOUT TO KILL HER but then he helps her escape.

She doesn’t know who to trust, who to save, or who to love.

A Riveting Read

Book 1 in the 27th Protector Series is a must-read for fans of new fiction and dystopian literature. Be captivated by the dramatic storyline and never put this book down!

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